Propane Filling

Propane gas cylinder
Whether it’s getting your grill ready for some barbecue, preparing your camper for an adventure, or just making sure your propane heater never runs low, our certified associates can properly and safely fill all of your legally refillable propane bottles.

Why get your tank refilled instead of exchanging it? We fill propane cylinders to capacity (exchange services only fill theirs 75% of capacity), meaning that you’ll be grilling longer and making less trips to the store. Plus, you get to own and keep your own tank. Get more propane for less money by refilling!  And if you need a little more, Hardware Plus also sells new propane tanks of various sizes.

Our professionals can perform your propane filling while you shop, so you can get back to the grill as soon as possible! Why not grab some extra grilling accessories while you wait as well?  Grilling and smoking is now a year round occurrence.  We stock a full line of Weber gas and charcoal grills along with the Traeger pellet grills and all the accessories including flavored pellets.  Now carrying rubs, sauces, marinades, injectors and more.  Check out our grilling section at Hardware Plus!